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Our Vision and Values 

Our vision

‘In Somerset we want people to live health independent lives, supported by thriving communities with timely and easy access to high quality and efficient public services when they need them.’

Our Values

The values that lie at the heart of the work of NHS Somerset are:

Quality Improvement

This means we:

  • think innovatively about how best to use the resources that we have to come up with improved ways to deliver our particular service
  • identify opportunities to improve procedure and practice within our own roles
  • support efforts by colleagues, providers, the Somerset System and nationally to improve the quality of service provision across the NHS

Integrated Working

This means we:

  • encourage, enable and role model working across organisational boundaries
  • develop positive relationships with colleagues through the use of local networks and joint working
  • share best practice and learning from mistakes with colleagues openly, in order to improve the service we provide

Personal Integrity

This means we:

  • take personal responsibility for ensuring that we contribute to the provision of excellent,
    safe, high quality service to others
  • have courage to challenge others if a decision is being made which may have a negative
    impact on patients, colleagues or other stakeholders
  • commit to learning and developing ourselves within our roles, to provide the best possible service to those we work with and for


This means we:

  • take the time to listen to those around us
  • contribute to delivering person centred care, putting the patient at the heart of
    everything we do
  • build relationships built on mutual trust, openness and understanding with colleagues,
    internal and external, service providers, patients and other stakeholders

Self Awareness

This means we:

  • seek, reflect on and learn from feedback from colleagues, internal and external, and
    service users
  • understand our own limitations and know when it is the right time to ask for help or advice
  • are honest and transparent and are not afraid to say if we have made a mistake