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How we use your Information

We are responsible for securing, planning, designing and paying for your NHS services. These NHS Services include planned and emergency hospital care, mental health services, rehabilitation, and community health services.  This is known as commissioning. We use patient information to enable us to understand how patients use services and the care and treatment required so we can ensure we commission high-quality safe care that is both clinically and cost-effective.

How do we use data?

We do not hold any patient information, but we do receive and access it. Mostly, the information we receive is anonymised from hospital and GP records to help us plan and develop services.  However, from time to time we do need to access your data for very specific purposes such as reviewing a request for individual funding or continuing care.

What is a Privacy Notice for?

A Privacy Notice (which are also known as Fair Processing Notices) tells you about the information we collect and hold about you, what we do with it, how we will look after it and who we might share it with.  It is part of how we ensure we are open and transparent in the data processing activities we carry out in order to meet our commissioning obligations.

It covers information we collect directly from you or receive from other individuals or organisations.

A Privacy Notice/Fair Processing Notice is a written statement that individuals are given when information is collected about them. As a minimum, a privacy notice should tell people who we are, what we are going to do with their information and who it will be shared with.

You can read our Privacy Notices by clicking on the documents in the Resources section below. These include our standard Privacy Notice which details the range of activities that we undertake using personal data, and a supplementary Privacy Notice covering our use of personal data for purposes relating to the COVID-19 response.