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Engagement Report Published on the Closure of Victoria Park Medical Centre and Next Steps

NHS Somerset has published an engagement report describing the feedback given by patients and residents, following the closure of the Victoria Park Medical Centre.

Over 100 people gave us their feedback through three drop-in sessions and an online survey. All the information provided was analysed by an independent expert, who has written a report.

The report includes details of people’s experiences of their new GP practices, their views about what NHS Somerset needs to consider when planning for future local health services and suggestions about possible solutions.

A copy is available here.

Next Steps

Work is underway to explore what possible solutions could look like for Victoria Park. The colleagues who are developing these plans would like the opportunity to talk to residents about how this is progressing.

Two engagement meetings were held by the NHS Somerset on 10th January 2022. The purpose of these meetings was to:

• Share the key themes from the October engagement
• Describe the process to explore, assess and narrow down a range of possible solutions for future services at Victoria Park
• Provide details of the range of options currently on the table for consideration
• Ask for people’s views/thoughts and to answer their questions

A report was produced and is available here.

Read more about future Health and Care Services in Victoria Park here.