Covid-19 support in Somerset

Somerset County Council’s website contains all the latest Coronavirus (Covid-19) updates in relation to schools, council services and much more. Visit

The district and county councils’ Coronavirus helpline is available for anyone in Somerset who needs Coronavirus-related support from their councils. The number, 0300 790 6275, will make it easier for people to access any local authority help they may need, including emotional support, in the current crisis. Visit

The work of volunteers and local charitable groups is vital at this time to support our most vulnerable people. We thank them for all the support they have provided so far and for all the support they are preparing to give. More volunteers are always needed. Spark Somerset is bringing together all offers of support in Somerset into one place, making it easier both for people for volunteer and for people to get the help they need. Visit

The Somerset Mental Health Alliance has expanded its services to support adults and older people who may be struggling with their mental health as the county responds to the coronavirus outbreak. Somerset Mindline, which provides people with a safe space to talk, has increased the opening hours of its phone line. If you are concerned about how you are feeling, please contact Somerset Mindline – 01823 276 892 (Monday-Friday 9am-11pm and Saturday-Sunday 8pm-11pm).