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Patient Group Directions (PGDs) are written instructions for the supply or administration of medicines to groups of patients who may not be individually identified before presentation for treatment. NHS PGDs must only be used as part of a commissioned NHS service.

The patient group direction must be signed by a senior doctor (or, if appropriate, a dentist) and a senior pharmacist, both of whom should have been involved in developing the direction. Additionally, the patient group direction must be authorised by the relevant appropriate body as set out in the legislation.

The qualified health professionals who may supply or administer medicines under a patient group direction are nurses; midwives; health visitors; optometrists; pharmacists; chiropodists; radiographers; orthoptists; physiotherapists; ambulance paramedics; dieticians; occupational therapists; speech and language therapists; prosthetists and orthotists. They can only do so as named individuals. Please remember that PGDs cannot be used if the act of supply or administration is delegated to someone else.  PGDs are not appropriate for the regular supply, administration or dose adjustment of medicines in chronic illnesses. In these situations, independent prescribing (medical and non-medical) or supplementary prescribing is more appropriate.

Patient Group Directions do not remove the professional obligations or accountability and it is the responsibility of each professional to practise only within the bounds of their own competence and to ensure they continue to keep their professional development up to date. Health care professionals working under PGDs should sign the authorisation form at the back of the PGD to declare themselves competent and to confirm that they have read the PGD and will work strictly in accordance with it. This competence should be confirmed by an appropriate authorising manager or GP who is taking responsibility for the authorising healthcare professional to operate under the terms of this PGD within an NHS commissioned service.

For Further Information see Patient group directions: who can use them

NHS England

View the list of available PGDs from NHS England for Vaccinations and Immunisations.

NHS England authorised Patient Group Directions for use in the Bristol, North Somerset, Somerset and South Gloucestershire NHS area are as follows (any queries should be directed to

Pharmacy specific PGDs

For all pharmacy specific PGDs please use the Somerset LPC website link below, representing Community Pharmacy Contractors in Somerset. Here you can access PGDs and useful resources, newsletters and contact details

Somerset LPC website

For further detail on Somerset PGDs, access the Medicines Management Shared Care and PGD page for information, including patient information leaflets.