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We are committed to the people of Somerset being involved at the heart of our work and decision making. We will continue to listen and act upon individual and carer feedback at all stages of the commissioning cycle because of the evident added value of commissioning and providing services that are informed by the experiences and aspirations of local people.

Engagement is the active participation of individuals, carers, community representatives and groups and the public in how services are planned, delivered and evaluated.  

Ensuring that the services we commission provide high-quality safe care to patients/carers and their families can in part be measured about what people who use those services tell us about their experience. Our quarterly patient engagement reports capture feedback from engagement activities, PALS service, commentary and observations from Lay Users and partnership work with organisations such as Healthwatch.

To improve the depth of our patient engagement reporting, for the Quarter 3 report, we developed a new Patient Engagement Dashboard. It was agreed that from January 2019 the quarterly patient engagement dashboard will be reported directly to the Governing Body and presented by the Chair, to ensure patient and public participation is informing the Governing Body and meeting our statutory responsibilities.

Annual reports (Somerset CCG)

We believe that the public, patients and carers should be at the centre of our plans and getting the views of local people is very important to us. Our Public Engagement and Equality Annual Report explains the different ways in that we involved patients and the public in our commissioning activity over the last financial year.