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On 1 April 2019, Somerset CCG took on fully delegated commissioning responsibilities from NHS England. Somerset CCG has established the Somerset Primary Care Commissioning Committee with the primary purpose of commissioning primary medical services for the people of Somerset. When Somerset CCG was replaced by NHS Somerset on 1 July 2022, these responsibilities transferred across NHS Somerset.

Responsibilities of the Committee include (but are not limited to):

  • GMS, PMS and APMS contracts (including the design of PMS and APMS contracts, monitoring of contracts, taking contractual action such as issuing branch/remedial notices, and removing a contract)
  • Newly designed enhanced services (“Local Enhanced Services” and “Directed Enhanced Services”)
  • Design of local incentive schemes as an alternative to the Quality Outcomes Framework (QOF)
  • Decision making on whether to establish new GP practices in an area
  • Approving practice mergers
  • Making decisions on ‘discretionary’ payment (e.g. returner/retainer schemes)
  • Plan, commission and deliver primary medical services for the population of Somerset
  • Make primary care commissioning decisions; contribute to the development of the primary care strategy, ensuring recommendations are in line with the Board’s Health and Care Strategy
  • To secure the provision of comprehensive and high quality primary medical service in Somerset
  • To make decisions on investment on the infrastructure of primary medical services, to ensure adequate and high quality provision as well as value for money for the public
  • Undertake reviews of primary medical services in Somerset, including primary care and quality performance
  • To manage the commissioning budget for primary medical services in Somerset


The Committee meets quarterly.


The committee has voting and non-voting members and includes representatives from NHS Somerset, Somerset County Council, as well as other external members.

NHS Somerset

  • Non-Executive Director (Chair) (V)
  • Non- Executive Director (Vice Chair) (V)
  • Director of Finance, Performance and Contracting (V)
  • Director of Commissioning (V)
  • Deputy Director of Contracts (V)
  • Associate Director of Primary Care (V)
  • Director of Quality and Nursing or Associate Director of Safety and Quality Improvement (V)
  • Associate Clinical Director of Primary Care
  • GP Representative from a neighbouring CCG (V)
  • Patient Representative (PPG Chairs) (V)

Somerset County Council

  • Representative for Public Health (V)

Also in attendance

  • NHS England Head of Primary Care or nominated representative
  • Somerset Local Medical Committee representative
  • Somerset Healthwatch representative

(V) = Voting member of the Committee