Intervention work in West Somerset

Healthwave have been running a number of user engagement workshops. Based on the insights, this resulted in two ‘intervention’ approaches: to increase the use of the NHS App amongst younger people and also increase the use of linked profiles for parents / carers.

  1. Working with the schools and the PHSE curriculum to increase uptake of the NHS App for younger people
  2. Working with Family Centres to introduce the NHS App to new parents (promoting linked profiles)

In December 2020, Healthwave ran a virtual tutor session to talk about healthcare management to understand what students do to manage their health both online and offline.

They shared what functionality the NHS App has, encouraged students to download and register for the App, and encouraged them to use it. They also asked the students to review the information about the NHS App on the website. Homework was set for them, which will be followed up on at the next session, the brief – ‘How might an NHS App promotional campaign be made to appeal to 16-20 year olds?’

The Family Centres are next on their list.