Our work with people and communities

Find out more about our engagement work here and on our dedicated engagement website.

We undertake pieces of engagement around specific engagement projects, this could take the form of questionnaires, pools focus groups and drop in sessions. We advertise these opportunities with our Citizens’ Panel, in our engagement newsletter, across our social media and on our website.

Citizens’ Panel

Our dedicated engagement website provides information on our engagement programmes.

The Citizens’ panel offers an opportunity for all people across the county to get involved in our engagement work and have their say. Taking part as a panel member means we continuously hear and respond to you.  Some of the activities a member may be involved in include; filling in a survey, attending a focus group (in person or online), or giving feedback on proposed changes to healthcare. By sharing their views, members help us to provide better quality care in a way that matters the most to local residents.

This is a graphic image of people standing around Somerset showing the variety of residents that live in the county. The text says Somerset Citizens' Panel and Your county, your say.

Engagement news and updates

Taunton and Bridgwater Deaf Club October 2023

Our Engagement team were invited by Healthwatch Somerset to attend the October meeting of the Taunton and Bridgwater Deaf Club.

Our Engagement annual report 2022-23

Our People and Communities: annual engagement report 22-23 provides an overview of our engagement work from July 2022 to April 2023.

NHS 75th Birthday engagement

Our Engagement team and Healtwatch Somerset travelled across the county, gathering NHS stories from the people of Somerset as part of our NHS 75th birthday celebrations.

Pride in Priorswood 2023


Our Engagement team attended this summer's Pride in Priorswood 2023 events.

Neuro Rehabilitation Services Engagement 2023

Our Engagement team have been engaging with people with lived experience of neuro rehabilitation services in Somerset including carers, family and support networks.

Children and Young People's emotional health and wellbeing


We are pleased to share our full report on our findings following our engagement about Children and Young People’s emotional health and wellbeing in Somerset 2020.

307 people completed a survey to tell us what they think of children and young people mental health services. The survey was designed in partnership with Young Somerset, the largest youth work charity in Somerset. Key findings from the report tell us that people would like to see easier access to services, increased availability of sessions, more suitable services for specific needs and better communication about the services that are available.

Victoria Park

Engagement Report Published on the Closure of Victoria Park Medical Centre and Next Steps

NHS Somerset has published an engagement report describing the feedback given by patients and residents, following the closure of the Victoria Park Medical Centre.

Over 100 people gave us their feedback through three drop-in sessions and an online survey. All the information provided was analysed by an independent expert, who has written a report.

The report includes details of people’s experiences of their new GP practices, their views about what NHS Somerest needs to consider when planning for future local health services and suggestions about possible solutions.

A copy is available here.

Next Steps

Work is underway to explore what possible solutions could look like for Victoria Park. The colleagues who are developing these plans would like the opportunity to talk to residents about how this is progressing.

Two engagement meetings were held by NHS Somerset on 10th January 2022. The purpose of these meetings was to:

• Share the key themes from the October engagement
• Describe the process to explore, assess and narrow down a range of possible solutions for future services at Victoria Park
• Provide details of the range of options currently on the table for consideration
• Ask for people’s views/thoughts and to answer their questions

A report was produced and is available here.

Read more about future Health and Care Services in Victoria Park here.

Reports from our partners

Annual impact report 2019-20 Somerset Maternity Voices Partnership.
NHS Long Term Plan: The views of Somerset residents Healthwatch Somerset (July 2019).
NHS 111 Service Report Healthwatch Somerset – October 2018.