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BRAVE AI is being used across four Primary Care Networks in Somerset

BRAVE AI is an artificial intelligence application created by Bering Ltd.

Using clever computer algorithms, it gives each patient registered at the practice a score for how complex their health needs are and uses this to highlight those who may be at risk of their wellbeing declining to the point of needing to go to hospital. This helps health professionals identify people at risk who may otherwise go under the radar, such as patients with borderline results or who rarely contact their GP.

BRAVE AI aims to help people and health and social care providers focus on prevention rather than cure, by supporting proactive conversations with people about their health, looking at all aspects of wellbeing, rather than just medical.  These conversations may be more appropriate to be held with other types of clinical staff, such as Health coaches or nurses, not just GPs.

BRAVE AI is live across four Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and is available to all PCNs should they wish to adopt it.  Contact your practice to find out if they use this Tool.