What is Brave AI and how will it help patients in Somerset

Brave AI is a medical device developed by Bering Ltd.

What is Brave AI and how will it help Somerset Patients and healthcare professionals

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The “Brave AI” risk assessment tool helps health professionals identify individuals who are at risk of going to hospital next year but who may otherwise go under the radar.

The tool works by using clever computer algorithms (machine learning AI) to look for patterns in registered patients’ records, the technology assesses an individual’s risk of unplanned hospital admission in the next year.

Those individuals identified can then be invited to take part in a holistic assessment so that local, integrated neighbourhood teams of health and care professionals (nurses, pharmacists, therapists, health coaches, social prescribers, and doctors) can work together to develop a personalised care and support plan, based on what matters to the individual.

The Brave AI device is being rolled out to over 30 areas in the South West, including practices in Somerset throughout 2024.

This is following a successful pilot in care homes in Somerset which reduced resident falls by 35%, attendances to Emergency Departments by 60%, and ambulance callouts by 8.7%.

A series of FAQs have been developed to provide people with more information about how the Brave AI works. Practices in Somerset, using the tool will also clearly display posters informing patients about using the device.