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Last updated – 30 March 2022

FAQs on different topics related to Covid-19 are grouped below. Please click on the appropriate blue header to show the list of FAQs in that section. Additional information on the Covid-19 vaccination and booster can be seen on the NHS website.

General Vaccination Questions

1) I haven’t had my first or second Covid-19 vaccination and am over 18. Is it too late for me to book?  

It’s not too late to book. You can use the Covid-19 National Booking Service to find out where you can book your vaccine, or call 119. Alternatively you can walk in at one of our centres offering this service (see below for details). 

2) The NHS app isn’t showing the correct information for my vaccines. Who should I contact?

If your vaccination record is wrong or incomplete, you need to call NHS 119 and ask them to raise a query through the Vaccine Data Resolution Service (VDRS). You should receive a call back within 5 working days. Your GP can’t alter the information held about your vaccine status, so please do not contact them about this.

3) I went to the same place I had my first vaccinations, but it’s no longer open for Covid-19 vaccinations. How can I find out where to go for any future vaccinations?

The best place to go to find out what’s available and where is the National Booking Service website as this is kept up to date and includes information on how to book an appointment.  Some vaccination sites in Somerset have changed from earlier in the vaccination programme.

4) How can I find out where I am able to ‘walk-in’ to have my Covid-19 vaccination?  

The national ‘Grab-a-Jab’ website has up to date information on sites across Somerset offering walk-in vaccinations.

5) How can I help by volunteering for the Covid-19 programme?

We’re continuing to work with our voluntary sector partner SPARK Somerset to recruit Vaccination Support Marshalls to support our main vaccination centres.

This important role involves stewarding in the car park and ensuring that the people who come in to have their vaccinations feel safe and welcome. Find out more

Booster Vaccinations

1) Who is currently eligible to receive a booster vaccine?  

The Spring 2022 booster campaign is targeting the people that are at the highest risk of getting seriously ill from Covid. If you are 75 or over as at the 30th June 2022, or are immunocompromised you will still be able to get yours during July and August 2022. The optimum time between boosters is 6 months, but people can’t have a booster until a minimum of 3 months since their last vaccination. You can book via the National Booking Service website, call 119 or visit Grab a Jab to find a local walk in clinic.  

2) I haven’t had my booster, but I had my second dose more than 6 months ago. What should I do?  

If you had your second dose 6 months ago and are eligible for your booster, please go to the National Booking Service website or call 119.  They can tell you where slots are available to book at a vaccination centre in Somerset. This could be at one of our larger vaccination sites, or at some GPs and community pharmacies.

3) If I am housebound, how do I get a booster vaccine?  

People that are over 75 and housebound are now eligible for a 2nd booster (4th dose). We have a number of roving teams that are vaccinating those that eligible. We will be getting in touch over the coming weeks to arrange your visit.

4) I have had my first or second vaccinations outside of England and am unable to book my booster through NBS. What should I do?  

The overseas validation service is in place to enable these records to be uploaded to system. For more information please visit.

5) I am eligible for my booster, but when I called 119, I was told to contact my GP. My GP has said they are not part of the Somerset Covid-19 Vaccination Programme and are unable to help. What should I do?  

If you are eligible for a booster vaccination and you are more than 3 months from your 1st booster, please go to the National Booking Service website to book for booster vaccine. If your GP practice is not part of the programme, they will be unable to help with this.

6) Where can I get a vaccination, if I have been advised by my clinician to have Astra Zeneca?

We are aware that some patients need to have the Astra Zeneca Covid-19 vaccination as their booster for specific medical reasons and have put a system in place for these patients to receive their vaccinations.

Patients who have been advised by their GP or clinician that they need to have Astra Zeneca as their booster, need to ask for a letter from their GP or consultant that confirms their need for Astra Zeneca. They can then either, take the letter to one of our vaccination sites that are offering walk-in vaccination, or request their GP forwards their details to the Somerset Covid-19 programme to arrange for them to be booked in for an appointment.

3rd doses for immunosuppressed patients

1) I have received a letter to say I am immunocompromised, or I think I should be eligible for a 3rd Covid vaccination, but I haven’t yet been invited. What should I do?  

Most patients that need a booster Covid vaccination have already been contacted by the Somerset Vaccination Service with an invitation to book their vaccine, following work with GPs and Musgrove Park and Yeovil District Hospitals to identify eligible patients.

If you haven’t yet had your vaccination you can now book an appointment through the National Booking Service or by calling 119.

Please remember to contact the person who looks after your care (this might be your GP, specialist nurse or hospital consultant) for a clinical letter to take to your vaccination appointment. You will not be able to have your vaccination without this letter.

If you are having difficulties making an appointment or have any queries, please contact the our PALS service

Telephone: 08000 851067


Vaccinations for children

1) My child was unable to receive their Covid-19 vaccine at their school. How can I now ensure my child receives their vaccine?  

If your 12–15-year-old has missed their school session due to being absent from school or testing positive for Covid-19 within three months of the school session, you can now book an appointment at one of our large vaccination sites via the National Booking Service. This includes both 1st and 2nd doses.

There are appointments available after school hours and at weekends.

You can book your 12–15-year-old into a Somerset vaccination site for their second dose by phoning our local bookings team for clinically vulnerable children on 01823 342995. (Please do not use this number for any other queries as the team can only help with 2nd doses for clinically vulnerable children).

2) When and where can my healthy 5-11 year old receive their vaccine?

Vaccinations for healthy 5-11 year olds are widely available. Please book via NBS or call 119. All of our vaccination centres will be providing vaccinations for this age group, but please either book ahead or check the Grab-A-Jab to find a walk in clinic that is open near you. Please ensure you check the clinic is offering the vaccination required before you arrive. This is because younger children require a different version of the vaccine which contains a smaller dose.