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Neuro rehabilitation services engagement 2023

Neuro Rehabilitation Services Review Engagement 2023

The vision for Somerset is to provide a holistic, person-centred neurological rehabilitation service offering a flexible, adaptable approach which recognises the variable, life-long nature of many neurological conditions.

To support our review of neuro rehabilitation services, the Engagement Team have been seeking out those people with lived experience including carers, family and support networks.

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Recognising the nature of neurological conditions, a number of different events have been held to suit the needs of the individuals, these have included face-to-face group discussion, one-to-one calls and online discussions.  Through this process the Engagement Team have gained an insight into a broad range of conditions and the associated needs, together with those of the carers and families.

Across all events there have been some key points consistently raised, including the need for ongoing support which is easily accessible and more specialist services with specific neuro rehabilitation training to enable all to live their best lives possible.

From the insights gained we will be able to work together to understand and meet the needs of individuals, their carers and families focusing on what matters to people and not what is the matter with them.

The aim is to have support available to help those affected with neurological conditions to effectively self-manage their conditions, to help them reach their potential and live fulfilled lives regardless of their neurological diagnosis or where in Somerset they live.