Our Somerset Strategy

Our Somerset is a partnership between the NHS, Somerset Council, and our partners in the VCFSE sector. We will work in collaboration to support people to live healthy indpendent lives in thriving communities.

Our Health and Care Strategy

As set out within our Integrated Care Strategy, we want all people of all ages who live and work in Somerset to live healthy and fulfilling lives. We want people to live well for longer, and for Somerset to be a fantastic place to raise families, create employment, and support one another to be the best they can be.

We want communities in Somerset to be supported to create positive and sustainable futures for all people.

Our Health and Care Strategy and Joint Forward Plan set out how we will build on the foundations already laid, and is our commitment to putting the person at the centre of our thinking and our actions.

If Somerset were a village of 100 People
Our vision_NHS Somerset

Our aims for the future


We recognise that this is our new integrated health and care strategy for Somerset, and we commit to continually involving our stakeholders, patients, and our public to ensure our strategy develops further as we gain more insight and evidence of health and care needs across Somerset to ensure our strategy remains current.

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