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Clear messaging can help improve health outcomes for patients. If you are looking for helpful social media resources please click one of the campaigns below to download free, useful messages to share with your patients on your website, social media sites or to print and display in house. If you have a question about any of the below resources please contact:

Campaign Contents

Choose Well Resources



  • A number of videos are available on NHS Somerset’s YouTube channel with seasonal messaging to help advise people on how to stay well and where to go if they are injured or unwell.
  • Click here to view our You Tube channel and share videos with you patients or choose from the selection below:


COVID-19 and Flu vaccinations


GP access (NHS Digital GPAD Data Somerset)

On the morning of 24 November 2022, NHS Digital will publish for the first time General Practice Access Data (GPAD) for all practices in England. This will then be published on a monthly basis.

We know that there is a mismatch between data that some GPs hold locally and what is being published nationally and will be working with practices to address this and make sure the national data presents the true picture.

There is likely to be high levels of interest in the data both from patients and wider stakeholders such as local councillors, MPs and community organisations.

To help GPs manage this interest we have produced content you can use on your websites, on your social media and to help with conversations with patients and wider stakeholders.


We have  created a social media toolkit with useful graphics and suggested copy for use on any platforms you use such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Next Door. They can also be used on digital screens in surgery and on websites. Instructions on how to download and save the images in contained within the toolkit. Download here.






Please click the images below to share new films. These are both under 3 minutes each in length and are great for use on social media platforms such as facebook and also digital screens in a surgery. Please use the social media toolkit for suggested copy.

Help us Help you

Public Health England is running focused Help Us Help You Campaigns around early cancer diagnostic and understanding the symptoms of heart attack, a few samples of this campaign are available below. For further assets or for more information on these campaigns visit:

Social media resources

Scroll down for social media image cards for various campaigns, these can be used on Facebook or Twitter or your website:

Healthcare access when away from home:

Community Pharmacy (Think Pharmacy)

The resources below are related to the GP Community Pharmacy Consultation Service, with the current campaign ‘Think Pharmacy’ running across Somerset.

Posters to display in house

Social media resources

Menopause Webinars and Resources

Learn about the Somerset Menopause Service here. As part of this new service there will be free webinars available to residents in Somerset. Local menopause webinars have proved popular as they help provide advice on a range of topics and can help correct misinformation around the menopause. Help promote the next upcoming webinar by downloading the below social media cards (when available) for use on your website and social media channels. We have also included some suggested copy on the right hand side for you to use and adapt where appropriate.

Menopause webinars

Please share this recording of the latest Menopause and HRT webinar with Dr Kathryn Patrick to share with you patients.

We will include helpful copy and images here for the next live Menopause webinar as soon as this becomes available

Helpful Menopause Resources for Patients

We have put together a free Menopause resource pack which provides useful information and links to help patients understand and manage the symptoms of the menopause. Download PDF for free here.

Helping your patients get the help and support they need around menopause

We recently delivered a webinar on menopause awareness and HRT to help patients experiencing the menopause understand more about their symptoms and what help and support is available.  We would be grateful if you would share the following on your practice website as not will this help your patients but it should also help to save consultation time. The webinar is delivered by Dr Kathryn Patrick, a Somerset GP, who has found that, for her and her colleagues in their surgery, consultation time is significantly reduced if a patient has watched the webinar first and if they submit their consultation request alongside their BP, BMI and a completed symptom checker. Many thanks.

Getting help and support around the menopause

If you, or someone you know, is experiencing the menopause and wants help with managing your/their symptoms and to understand how you/they may be affected,  please watch this helpful webinar developed by Dr Kathryn Patrick a local Somerset GP. The webinar is also in sign language for those who are hard of hearing.

There is a list of useful resources on the NHS Somerset Menopause Service web page that talks about the pilot menopause service running in Somerset

If you would like to speak to your primary care team at your practice about HRT, it will speed things up if you let them know you have watched the webinar and also include your Body Mass Index (BMI) which can be calculated at BMI calculator | Check your BMI – NHS | Please fill in your details (, and Blood Pressure (BP) if possible.

Please also complete and include the following menopause symptom questionnaire Menopause Symptoms Questionnaire – The Menopause Charity


What to do when your child is ill

Dr Chris Campbell shares advice on what to do if your child is ill

HANDi Paediatric app

The HANDI app offers simple and straightforward advice, for the following conditions in children:

  • diarrhoea and vomiting 
  • high temperature
  • ‘chesty baby’ illnesses, such as bronchiolitis, asthma and croup
  • ‘chesty child’ illnesses such as wheezing and asthma
  • abdominal pain
  • common newborn problems.

Download the HANDi App for Android phones at Google Play.

For iPhone or iPad you can download it from the app store or iTunes, using the search term ‘HANDi App’.

RSV and bronchiolitis

Cases of respiratory illness in children are higher than usual for this time of year. Some social media resources on RSV and bronchiolitis are below for your use and an information sheet to enable patients to assess symptoms is available here.

NHS 111 First

Social media resources



A number of videos are available on the Somerset CCG YouTube site with messaging to help advise people on how NHS111 can help and what happens when they contact NHS111. See the ‘How NHS111 can help you’ playlist including videos on: