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GP appointments and bookings

You can contact your GP surgery by: 

  • Visiting their website
  • Using the NHS App
  • Calling them.

You can also order repeat prescriptions online

There is more on GP appointments and bookings on the NHS website. 

Registering with a GP in Somerset

We have over 60 GP Practices in Somerset, and you have the legal right to choose a GP practice that best suits your needs.

Try comparing GP practices according to facilities, services, access and performance before you decide. Ask friends, relatives and others you trust for their thoughts and recommendations.

Since January 2015 all GP practices in England have been free to register new patients who live outside their practice boundary area. But it’s for a practice to decide at the point of registration whether it’s clinically appropriate and practical to register individual patients in that way.

You can also change practices if you wish to.

Many people switch practices because they:

  • have moved into a new area
  • have moved outside the catchment area of their current practice
  • experienced problems in their relationship with the current practice
  • were removed from the patient list

You can change practices without having to give a reason. But it’s helpful to tell the practice you’re leaving. You can then approach another practice and apply to join its list of patients. Being registered at another local practice is not a reason to be refused registration with another GP.

Once you’ve decided what GP practice you’d like to join, you will need to formally register with it as an NHS patient by submitting a registration form to them, available at the practice or you can download it from GOV.UK. Find all the information you need in the link below.

GP online services

All GPs in Somerset can now offer you services online. This means you can book routine appointments, order repeat prescriptions and access your medical record via the internet. Read more about the benefits and what you can do if don’t have a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Your GP is also able to refer you to the hospital or another health service provider electronically. This is known as e-referral. You are then able to choose which hospital or clinic to go to for your outpatient appointment. This may depend on how quickly you want to be seen and where you want to be seen. Read more about the NHS e-Referral Service 

GP urgent care slots

GPs are required to provide a number of urgent care slots that can be booked either on the day directly via GP surgeries, or there is option to book urgent care slots through the 111 telephone system.

A female GP speaking with a pregnant woman and holding a medical document, both are smiling.

GP Community Pharmacy Consultation Service

We have introduced a new, same-day, GP community pharmacy consultation service to help you receive quality care and support for minor health conditions, more quickly through accessing care via your community pharmacist.