Shelagh Meldrum – Chief Nursing Officer and Chief Operating Officer

Shelagh Meldrum is the Chief Nursing Officer and Chief Operating Officer at NHS Somerset.

She began her career in nursing in 1987, working predominantly as a senior nurse in acute medicine before becoming a specialist nurse in neurology and NHS Directorate Manger.

In 2016, following 14 years in the independent health care sector working in Chief Nurse and Executive Hospital Director positions she returned to the NHS. Shelagh has worked in Somerset in a variety of executive roles, including five years as Chief Nurse and Deputy Chief Executive at Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

More recently Shelagh has taken on the additional responsibility of Chief Operating Officer, using her knowledge and experience to support improvement, collaboration and operational transformation while ensuring the clinical, care and support voice is well represented across the Somerset system.

Shelagh is passionate about improving working cultures and creating shared values, allowing the focus to remain on the health and wellbeing of population of Somerset.