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Using innovative technology for Somerset’s healthcare

Our Digital Team enables digital transformation and works on digital strategy as part of the NHS Long Term Plan. We are following the Somerset Digital Roadmap 2016 which has many exciting and innovative projects well underway.

The Digital Team currently has approximately 20 members who have many years of NHS and Public Health experience between them.

We understand that people have busy lives so work closely with the public empowering people to utilise digital tools.  These include health apps for smartphones like the NHS App and using computers/laptops for patient online services.  This allows for more convenience when accessing health services and advice.  We only recommend tools approved as safe and reliable by NHS Digital and most of these are free. Visit our Somerset health and wellbeing apps library. Find out more here.

We do recognise that digital is not for everyone so digital does not replace the more traditional ways of contacting your health and social care providers, it is merely another option that some people might wish to use.

We run a Digital People’s Champion Group which is made up of members of the public who are interested in our work.  This group meets several times a year to discuss new innovations and online services, if you are interested in finding out more, or joining, contact us at The team also works closely with health and care professionals across Somerset to help enable interoperability and promote record sharing across the system with our Somerset Integrated Digital electronic Record (SIDeR) programme.

Our Digital Services

Somerset Apps Library

The NHS Somerset Digital Team is keen to empower the people of Somerset to use digital tools to support a healthier lifestyle.  This builds on our work on digital first primary care and will provide a safe place for the public and professionals to find apps which are clinically safe and secure.


The NHS App provides a simple and secure way for you to access a range of NHS services on your PC/laptop, smartphone or tablet.

This is a national programme, and all GP surgeries in Somerset are connected. If you are registered with a GP in Somerset, you can start using it straight away.

Electronic Prescription Service

The Electronic Prescription Service means that your GP can send your prescription electronically to a pharmacy of your choice.

Over 90% of Somerset practices are able to offer this service, more and more are now coming on board.

Digital Outreach Team

Find out about our Digital Outreach Teams (DOTs) who work with GP surgeries and care homes. DOTs engage with staff and patients, including clinicians and support with surfacing relevant patient information and health services through digital tools.

Using Artificial Intelligence to monitor health and wellbeing

Using clever computer algorithms, BRAVE AI gives each patient registered at the practice a score for how complex their health needs are and uses this to highlight those who may be at risk of their wellbeing declining to the point of needing to go to hospital.


Summary Care Record

Your Summary Care Record contains important information about any medicines you are taking, any allergies you suffer from and any bad reactions to medicines that you have previously experienced.

Digital First Primary Care (GP Online Services)

This means you can book routine appointments, order repeat prescriptions and access your medical record via the internet.

Electronic Communication

Your GP is able to refer you to the hospital or another health service provider electronically. This is known as e-referral. 

You are then able to choose which hospital or clinic to go to for your outpatient appointment. This may depend on how quickly you want to be seen and where you want to be seen.

Approximately 98% of referrals in Somerset are done electronically. This is much higher than the national average.

Cyber Security

While cyber security has always been on the agenda, it’s more important than ever with the rise in use of digital devices and services. We follow government guidance to protect the NHS network and patient data in Somerset would like to share some of the important advice and guidance we have with our Somerset residents.

Digital Inclusion

The Digital Team has been working on digital inclusion as one of our priorities as requested by Governing Body in September 2020.  This builds on work across the digital portfolio, with factors for inclusion considered and liaison with our colleagues to ensure links are being made to relevant forums and community groups.

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