National Care Record Service

The Summary Care Record has now become the National Care Record Service. Read more below.

What is the National Care Record Service (NCRS)?

NCRS is a service that allows health and social care professionals to access and update a range of patient and safeguarding information across regional Integrated Care Services (ICS) boundaries. The service provides a summary of health and care information for care settings where the full patient record is not required to support their direct care. Improved access to patient information supports the provision of safer care.

It enables any authorised clinician, care worker and/or administrator, in any health or care setting, to access a patient’s information to support that patient’s direct care. NCRS provides access to an ever-increasing number of centrally provisioned national digital services that support the direct care of patients. It includes access to more than 57.5 million Summary Care Records with additional patient information. It also enables users to view over 450,000 care plan records via the National Record Locator.

When national interoperability between local solutions is implemented, front line professionals will be able to access the detailed records and plans of the people they care for, regardless of where they live. The NCRS gives access now to a range of key patient information across regional boundaries to complement the local detailed Shared Care Records solutions.