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Over 30,000 people in Somerset have been diagnosed with diabetes. 10% of the annual budget is spent on treatment. On this page you will find useful information and resources.

Latest news

Freestyle Libre 2 is now released which has greater functionality than its predecessor. The manufacturers are keen to move patients to the new sensors and will supply new readers to patients on request. If patient uses a phone app they may need to update it


Freestyle Libre Easy Read Materials

Easy read materials can be found on the Freestyle website.

Easy read is an accessible format of providing information designed for people with a learning disability. 

The easy read format is easy to understand because it uses simple language, shorter sentences and supporting images.

This easy read material is designed for people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes who use insulin and have a learning disability, and for their families and carers.

The resources are designed to help them when they start using the FreeStyle Libre system.