Citizens' Panel

Our Citizens' Panel offers Somerset residents the chance to have their say on local health and care services. Join to share your views, so you can help shape the future of our local healthcare services.

Join the Citizens' Panel

The Citizens’ Panel offers an opportunity for all people across the county to get involved in our engagement work and have their say. Taking part as a panel member means you can continuously hear from us about opportunities to get involved, share your feedback and we can respond to you.

Some of the activities a member may be involved in include; filling in a survey, attending a focus group (in person or online), or giving feedback on proposed changes to healthcare.

By sharing their views, members help us to provide better quality care in a way that matters the most to local residents.

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How the Citizens' Panel works

The Citizens’ Panel is a sample of Somerset residents who have volunteered to take part in regular research and questionnaires.

In Somerset, the Citizens' Panel helps us to gather feedback from a sample of our population and gives local residents the opportunity to share their opinions and views on health and care services within the county. The information we receive will help to ensure that services are designed and delivered taking into account what matters most to our residents.

We provide feedback to let the Citizens' Panel on how we have used the insights provided by the panel to inform our work, helping you to see the difference you have made.

Past Citizens' Panel projects

We may remove information on past engagement work from this page after a certain period of time.  If you'd like to find out more on a specific project you were involved in, please get in touch with our Engagement Team - Telephone: 01935 384 022 and


We completed our completed its 12-week consultation in April, which gathered feedback about the future of acute hospital-based stroke services in Somerset.

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Thank you so much for your feedback in our online questionnaire 'Help shape Somerset’s health and care strategy and plans – what matters most to you?' which went live on 5th January 2023.

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Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their stories of the NHS over the past 75 years. You can read the stories shared on our NHS 75 pages.

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Following the closure of Victoria Park Medical Centre in August 2021, engagement took place with the local community to help plan the services which would replace the medical centre.


In 2022, we ran a survey to understand the public's thoughts and views on improving elective care waiting times in Somerset. We wanted to know what was important to our patients when choosing where to have elective care.

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On Monday 27 September 2021, we invited people to attend an online session led by Maria Heard and Dr. Alex Murray. This session took a look at the engagement feedback from 2020.

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In 2021, we ran a survey to understand the public's knowledge and understanding of information sharing through SIDeR. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback.

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We asked you to share your thoughts in a survey on 'Think 111 First', a campaign to change the way we access urgent healthcare services in Somerset.

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In 2020, we asked people to share their experiences of getting the COVID-19 vaccination. This information was used to improve Somerset's vaccine roll out.

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NHS Somerset asked local people to tell us how we can make it easier for people to achieve a healthy weight and then stay in that place. The feedback supported us in considering how the community and NHS Somerset can support long-term health and wellbeing for all.

Our Citizens' Panel offers Somerset residents the chance to have their say on local health and care services.

Join to share your views, so you can help shape the future of our local healthcare services.